Save Hours on Your Book Reviews

It’s worth saying also that I had a few people say to me well, what if I give it away and downloads so I will not have any customers so far. It just doesn’t work like that there is so many buyers on Amazon that you’ll have no trouble selling lots and lots of copies afterwards. Just to give you just to put it into perspective, tasking Kindle as an example, before I did the free giveaway, before I had done the promotion before anybody knew about it, I was only selling two or three copies a day. Immediately afterwards, it jumped up to over 40 copies a day which is about a 15 times increase.

ARTThat was in a niche category, if it’s a big category it will get even bigger jump than that. That you use to set up just promotions manager I’ll show you that in a second. Basically if you haven’t done this already, Amazon has made it as easy as possible to do that. I would recommend normally especially if it’s the first time around you do all five days at once. It just gives you a lot more momentum. What will happen is that day one you’ll get, you maybe get a few hundred downloads or a couple of thousand downloads. What it will do is it will stop pushing your book up the rankings and make it more visible on the free list.


You’ll get even more sales and each day the number sales will grow so you’ll get a lot more momentum if you use all five days. Great idea to have a link to an opting page and a reason for people to opt in. If you want to build a list so you can sell stuff to your list. Even if you are a fiction writer, it’s a good idea to build a list because then when you get your next book in that series. Or if they like your work it doesn’t have to be in a series. You can tell people about it and you can get some … you can get a lot of sales just by pushing that out to your list.

Then if you want to take … have a record of your own success with that, take regular screenshots because Amazon updates those bestseller lists basically on an hourly basis. It changes really rapidly. This is how you do it, you go into KDP Kindle Direct Publishing Account. If you’ve got an Amazon account, you are already set up with KDP anyway. Click the button at the bottom here that says actions they are just highlight. As you click that button, this pop up menu will appear and then you click manage promotions. From there, you’ll get this pop up will appear and usually they are just three boxes to fill in. You put in the name of the book you are promoting.


The start date and the finish date of the promotion and then over here on the right you can see it’s telling me I’ve used up three of my five days for this particular book. That’s it, so just fill in those three things and click save and you are done. You don’t have to worry about changing the price, Amazon will automatically set it to free on day one and send it back to paid at the end of the promotion. You don’t have to do anything at all it’s just literary for those three boxes. That is how to set up the free campaign you run that for five days, and then on day six effectively the first day your book switches back to paid, you run what I call the 99 cent Kindle Book campaign.

Which is incredibly powerful. Now, you are already going to get a big boost in sales from running your free campaign. You get a lot of organic sales through Amazon anyway. Like I said mine for pressure with Kindle went up 15 times assuming this promotion finished. What you want to do here is you want to boost that even more, so that you are getting a whole lot of sales in a very short space of time. The way to do this you need to run as on some of the discount Kindle Book sites.

Finally, you want to set up these at least two weeks in advance, if not three or four if you have the time.

Social Media for Your Book

Book cover design sites are getting more and more popular and they are booking up way ahead of time now a lot of them. You’ll want to think about getting set up in advance.


Traffic with Social Media

These sites are great because they have very high traffic, they have a lot of social media followers. Tens and tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Most of them send out emails and recommendations to their list everyday. By spending anywhere from $10 to about $50 typically, you can get your book advertized in front of lots of people. Now the reason is 99 cents by the way it’s not because we are going to price that book at 99 cents long term that’s not the idea. We are just going to price it like that for one or two days.

Because that makes it into the basic of the ultimate impulse purchase. We want to get a lot of downloads in a very short space of time, to rock it up book up to the top of the bestseller list. Like I said, set it all up in advance so it starts on the first day after your free giveaway. As I said it will massively increase your Amazon ranking and of course as your Amazon ranking goes up you get more organic downloads. It becomes this self perpetuating virtual circle where you get more and more sales. Excuse me another sip of water there. I would recommend that you spend at least $100 for … when I did this a couple of weeks ago for free I had actually spent $98.50. Now within a couple of days I got back several times my return on investment.

What I Learned Promoting Books through Social Media

Having done it once I would probably spend a couple of $100 next time around at least because I know that the return is there. There are lots and lots of sites that do promote discounted Kindle books. What I always do is I check for the ranking. Normally, unless they are doing it for free which is rare now, I would aim for a site that’s ranking in the top 250,000 on Alexa.

Just because that way you know it’s getting a substantial amount of traffic and it’s probably going to be worth you spending a little money to advertize there. Just to recap, you remember I said I got 423 downloads in a single day. Well this is how I did it, I ran this campaign just shortly after the free giveaway. That’s what rocketed it up to number two in all those hyper competitive categories.

Up to 247 on all of Kindle. Knowing what I know now and because I’ll spend a little bit more next time around. I’m pretty confident I can get it up to the top 100 so I’m going to have another crack at that in another couple of week’s time. That is the six steps system for promoting your Kindle books. I’m just going to check we’ve got everybody if you can still hear me. Okay. Part four this is the Kindle publishing opportunity, this is the course I was telling you about that I’m rerunning from a couple of days time. This is if you are not already this is a chance to become a published author, this is a chance to become a bestselling author.

Get Publishing!!

This post will cover successful publishing of your book, with a book cover that’s awesome.

Use bold on a book cover sparingly because it helps draw people through we are trained to see bold and bullets like that it’s important. It means people will end up reading more of it. On the back of the book cover, use italics, use bullets, use underlining if you need to and left justify don’t center justify would be my advice.

I just think personally I think a book cover looks more professional that way. If you do all this, excuse me, put it in a document just send a document through to the book cover designer. They will create the code for you to make it look like that and then all you do is upload the book cover file into the upload box when you send your book up to go live, that’s it. If you use a word document and if you can copy and paste you can use Amazon HTML and it will cost you $5, okay.


Also, be sure to get some good prelaunch reviews some place before you launch your book. Now just to avoid any confusion, the way you do this is you, you get your book setup. You’ll need a completely finished book cover design as well as the interior layout of the book finished. You go live but you leave a gap or a window of a few days before going live and promoting it, okay. When you first go live, chances are you are going to make hardly any sales because nobody is going to know the book is there and you’ve done nothing to promote it. What it does mean is that people can go in and leave reviews. Now, here is the thing we are going to cover the free giveaway. Even if you are giving something away for free, there is still a risk attached to it.

The main risk is time. People don’t want to waste time on something that turns out to be no good—by the way, having a great book cover is the start of making this all work. The other risk is what I call the feeling stupid risk, people hate the idea that they are going to buy something and then feel stupid because they bought it.

Even if nobody else knows so there are these risks that people perceive even if the book is free. Social proof is very important so you want to get a few reviews in place, good reviews before you launch a book. If you can get five to 10 good reviews in place, when you do your free giveaway, it’s worth literary several thousand extra downloads to you compared to having no reviews at all.

Very important to do. I’m sure you wouldn’t but don’t put fake reviews it’s a great way of getting yourself fast tracked off Amazon, getting your account banned. You really don’t want to do that. You don’t need to either just ask fans or followers or people in your industry or get into this lots and lots of … and you’ve probably I think you are part of anyway. There are lots of other groups on Facebook that’s actually how I met people through a Kindle off this group. There is lots of people that will help you especially if you reciprocate so you don’t need to get fake stuff done there. Just write a good book, get a professional book cover designer and you’re going to be more than half way there.


Next, you have to get some reviews in place, give people heads up. Now ideally, you can’t send out review copies but ideally what you would do is set the price to 99 cents that’s the lowest Amazon will allow you to price that. Then get people to actually pay for the book before they download it which is a little bit cheeky. What it means is that, it shows up as an Amazon verified purchase you can see in that red box there.

That just gives the review that a little bit of extra credibility and most people are not in a worry about spending 99 cents. Especially like I say if you are going to reciprocate for them. When you choose other people’s books to review, you don’t need to worry about what their cover looks like. Only yours matters.

Make sure people know that if they don’t have a Kindle cover design, they can download the Kindle App for free for any device they have. Unless you say you need about five to 10 reviews.

Obviously more is better but there is a diminishing return so once you’ve got at least five, you are good to go. That was step four; step five is the KDP select free giveaway. Now just in case you don’t know how this works already, Amazon will let you change a book for free for up to five days you don’t have to do five in any 90 day period. Now this is a great thing to do when you first launch, couple of reasons. First of all, if you promote one you get plenty of downloads. First of all that tells Amazon your book cover is worth investing some advertising and within the Amazon site.


It tells them people are interested in your book cover design. Secondly Amazon can cross-reference the only other purchases made by people who downloaded your book. They’ll build that pattern and the algorithm will crunch that data and be able to see where to start advertizing your book. Certainly your book will start showing up on the pages of lots and lots of other books all over Amazon.

That are books which are highly relevant to your market. It means your book is shown in front of a highly targeted group and you get lots and lost of organic sales, resulting from your free giveaway.

Amazon and Book Cover Images

I don’t have time to go into the whys of it now but you can actually change the book cover images at Author Central, which is where you go to … it’s basically like an author bio page if you haven’t been to Author Central already.

How to Use Author Central

Don’t use Author Central for your description. Add your description via your KDP bookshop which is the page where you manage all the books that you have for sale on Kindle. Just makes it much easier to edit all the way through. Amazon will allow you 4,000 characters because we are going to use HTML code. You need about 600 characters to code so what that means is that gives you 3,400 characters to work with.

Look, I didn’t know this the first time I created a book cover, so I ended up having to chop big chunks out of the cover text; obviously the second time around I knew. You got about 3,400 characters to work with. I can say wordsmith your description take your time it’s really, really important.

Tying it all Together

Again following up from the title, the subtitle and any other text you choose to put on the front and back cover of the book itself. If it’s a fiction book start getting invested in the characters, in the plot get them wanting to know more. The book cover design should indicate to the reader whether the book is fiction or nonfiction. Use keywords because it’s going to help you rank on Amazon and on Google.

If you’ve put keywords in if you stuff them, first of all it doesn’t work it might have worked 10 years ago but not today. Secondly it just reads badly and if you are trying to sell your work as a writer, whether you write it yourself, whether you outsource it, it makes no difference. If you have an ugly book cover, what does that say about you as a writer?

Or, if you have a description that reads badly, what does that say about your writing? Nothing good. Make sure you use keywords naturally. On a similar note don’t your description, reflects badly on you as a writer. Keep it punchy and exciting and draw your reader in. here is where you can get the HTML code done on Fiverr I’m guessing you are familiar with that website. there is a screenshot of it there of the book cover template. Just go in and type in Amazon HTML and you got a bunch of people come up. You may have to scroll through before you find one that’s focusing specifically on Amazon HTML but they are on there, $5 for the gig. If you can find a solid book cover creator for $5, you’re doing great. But don’t think that’s all you have to do.

The way to do it is to just type out your book cover text, the way you want it to look on a finished page, and a word document or pages if you are on that. Here is the way to format it; you must use short paragraphs okay. If you have big blocks of text, people won’t read it. Break it off with short paragraphs you’ll get a much better response. You can use Amazon for your book’s title that’s just I think an H2 tag when you do the code.

The Next Step for Your Book

For the simple reason that when readers get to the end of a great book, they want to know that they can carry on reading in subsequent series or editions. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a great book you’ve really enjoyed and then that’s the end of it. They want to know if there is another book. You do that even if you haven’t written the second book in a series yet because you can … they will still look for your work subsequently. It’s a double whammy, you make more sales on the frontend because it’s more attractive and you get to cross sell your other books you have links at the back of your book and so on. If you’ve got a how-to book, a nonfiction book and again if it’s part of a series make sure you let people know.

 Book Topic

Again great mystery, suspense, intrigue and controversy if you can. Equally applies to fiction and nonfiction, the more you can do that, the more chance you have somebody is going to click on your book. That takes us to step two which is having a cover the pops sort of say called pops of the page, this is really, really important. Because, you remember back to those screenshots that I showed you, there is lots and lots of noise on the page and you are competing it against all of that noise. All of those books in the list, all of the books that Amazon is advertising in the side of the margin, all of that text. You want to bribe both cover that pops off the page and draws the eye.


Getting a One Up on Amazon

What you are trying to do is basically stop people’s attention, draw the eye across to your book where your title can start to work its magic. Here again, we tie the title into the cover of the pops, title must be easy to read, very common mistake I see. Even with some professionally published books particularly with self published books is titles that are very hard to read. Because remember people are seeing this as a thumbnail it’s pretty small. Application is best because of course it’s clearer and it must, must be in a highly contrasting color, very, very important.

They can’t read the title, your chances of them clicking on your thumbnail are significantly, significantly reduced. The subtitle does not have to be uppercase, but it should still be highly readable. Now in a perfect world you’d be able to read the subtitle while it’s a thumbnail. That’s not always possible if you have a longer subtitle but it should be highly readable once they click on the thumbnail and that magnifies the image. When you are doing that by the way, when you are getting your cover done, it’s very important to give very clear instructions to your designer. The reason being, most designers are designers rather than marketers.

How to Design a Book Cover Amazon wil Love

Try this: go into Kindle and look around, there are some great looking book covers, which don’t sell books just because they are not designed with marketing in mind. Having a great looking cover is not enough, you want both, you want a good book cover design but you want a good marketing.


They’ve got to work together to maximize your chances to making a sales. Give clear instructions to your book cover designer and make sure they understand you want to follow these principles of designing the book cover. A title that’s highly readable uppercase highly contrasting color for the text and so on. Make sure the design and the marketing work together.

Facebook Test for your Book Cover

Here is something that’s just an extra tip that I wanted to share with you which is doing Facebook ads to test different book cover designs. You can pay hundreds of dollars to get covers designed but you can also get them done very cheaply on Fiverr. What you can do is you can get four or five book covers done for $5 each and then test them. They don’t have to be the finished product and then the winner you can then work up to a fully completed design. Maybe pay a little extra if you need to. I did this and I tested five different book covers around Facebook ads and the way to do it is you, the headline stays the same for each ad.

The copy stays the same for each ad, only the image changes. As you can see on the slide there, the winning design had a click through rate was 279% better than the pretest favorite the one that I would have run with if I hadn’t done the test and that’s huge. It’s almost as three times as many people clicking on the image.

Translate that across to your book once it goes live and that’s huge. This was before the book went live all I did was I hadn’t go to a just to a simple squeeze page. Where if they wanted more information about the book when it came out they could put the name and the email. With pre-selling books, whilst you are testing book covers.


There is two advantages for you there. Obviously I picked that winning design and that led to a lot of extra sales when the book went live. It doesn’t have to take too long I had the ties for a day I spent $50 with hindsight, I could have spent $25 and got the same result. Massive return on my investment for that $50. Step three is a great description.

Combining your Title with your Book Cover

Now you might be seeing a pattern here whereby we are taking three people through a series of steps it’s a conversion process. We’ve got to grab them with a top of the pops, they’ve got to see the book cover.

They’ve got to be excited by the title, they got to understand it’s of interest to them.
You want the top subtitle to draw them an even further and then at this point, by clicking on the thumbnail of the book cover and this is where you get with the description.

How to Write a Killer Desription

You’ve got to write a great description apart from your title and subtitle, this is the most important thing you are going to write as part of your book. It should be like a mini sales letter and you want to use Amazon HTML and I’ll show you how to do that in a second, very easily, very cheaply. Simply because most people don’t, if you use Amazon HTML, you’ll set your book apart from 95% of the competition who just don’t use this and just put plain text on that. Top tip, do not use Author Central towards your description.

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

51JBtgkcDvL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_Your publishing package or self-publishing company may or may not include an original book cover design for your new book. Before you commit to anything, make sure you can view the cover templates they offer and use your own judgment on how professional you think they look. These days, it’s easy to find other professional cover templates online that you can customize yourself and make it unique to your book.

Additionally, you may want to look at to what the other covers in your genre look like. The top results they show are almost always the top selling books, so it’ll give you a good idea of the color and concepts that are popular and selling right now.

Usually, the book templates offered by the self-publishing company are not going to be as good as what you can find on your own, and you can bet they’ve been used by literally thousands of other books. While you don’t want to try to make your own book cover (unless you know what you’re doing), you also want to choose carefully when you’re going to buy a book cover design. Not all book cover designers are created equally.

Designing for Paperback vs Hardcover Books

938491_ART copyIt may not seem like something to consider. Paperback vs hardcover book covers. However, there are few things you should think about when designing for these kinds of books. Does the author expect to sell more hardcover books (usually meaning in physical book stores). It can also be a presentation for coffee table books. is a great source for creating this type of book. You do it all online as long as you have the high resolution photos necessary for print.

Hardcover books are also used in academic publications such as textbooks because they need to be much more durable than paperback, although you’re starting to see fewer because they have become so cost driven and hardcover makes in more likely these books will be resold to future students, impairing additional sales. Paperbacks simply do not hold up to the rigors of being carried around in a backpack for three months and thrown around a dorm room or study hall.

Paperback or Hardcover

Paperback books that are good enough to be sold in a physical bookstore are bound using Perfect Binding. Any decent self-publisher uses perfect binding for paperbacks. Avoid those that don’t. A lot of the of companies offer hard cover binding options, but so far it is still pretty expensive to do as a self-publisher, regardless of your chosen book cover art. As nice as they are, it’s pretty much impossible to make any profit on them because your printing cost end up being so high that nothing is left for royalty payments. Additionally, the retail price is often required to be unreasonably high—same goes for full color books. The best money making strategy is black and white paperbacks.

Does Design Affect The Bottom Line?

MillArtAs you can imagine, the graphic design industry argues heavily that good design is certainly going to affect the bottom line. The question remains: Can you create a book cover or website that will sell more just based on the design? Graphic designers themselves, however, often don’t care as much as about numbers driven business models and highly structured marketing plans. They’re content to do the best design work possible. Design for design’s sake, so to speak.

Marketers, on the other hand, have a lot to say about the importance of design, not just of a product. They tend to be acutely aware of design and the bottom line because they’ve seen over and over how the design of packaging or brochures or other such marketing materials drives consumer response. They actually do what’s called “market testing” on every item they put out to the public to determine which design gets the response they’re looking for.

The Numbers and Your Book

If your book never sells any copies, it won’t matter what royalties your publisher pays or where your book is potentially available for sale. Getting your book to sell is the benchmark for its success. Don’t assume that if you spend a lot on a publishing package that it will translate into sales. The two are completely disconnected. sees some of the greatest sales success I’ve come across and they don’t charge anything for publishing and distribution. They even offer an affordable option to make your own book cover from a series of book cover templates. I actually recommend them as my top choice for many reasons, not just this one.