We have a long history of dedication to anything related to graphic design. We love to hear about what’s going in with some of the evolution of the way websites have embraced graphic design and how book covers have followed a similar pattern.
Please send us any of your own information or images you have of historical websites or book cover designs.

Graphic Design Rules:
1. Choose a book cover design that’s inline with your book’s theme
2. Do the same as number one for websites
3. Browse book covers that are selling well (in your book’s category of course) and get an idea for color and fonts that are hot right now.
4. For web, google something like “best landing pages of 2012″. You’ll get some great ideas to get you started.
5. Don’t use crazy or weird fonts on book covers OR on web sites. It looks bad.
6. Images often make the design, so choose them well.
7. Make sure your book cover or landing page has a focal point.