Amazon and Book Cover Images

I don’t have time to go into the whys of it now but you can actually change the book cover images at Author Central, which is where you go to … it’s basically like an author bio page if you haven’t been to Author Central already.

How to Use Author Central

Don’t use Author Central for your description. Add your description via your KDP bookshop which is the page where you manage all the books that you have for sale on Kindle. Just makes it much easier to edit all the way through. Amazon will allow you 4,000 characters because we are going to use HTML code. You need about 600 characters to code so what that means is that gives you 3,400 characters to work with.

Look, I didn’t know this the first time I created a book cover, so I ended up having to chop big chunks out of the cover text; obviously the second time around I knew. You got about 3,400 characters to work with. I can say wordsmith your description take your time it’s really, really important.

Tying it all Together

Again following up from the title, the subtitle and any other text you choose to put on the front and back cover of the book itself. If it’s a fiction book start getting invested in the characters, in the plot get them wanting to know more. The book cover design should indicate to the reader whether the book is fiction or nonfiction. Use keywords because it’s going to help you rank on Amazon and on Google.

If you’ve put keywords in if you stuff them, first of all it doesn’t work it might have worked 10 years ago but not today. Secondly it just reads badly and if you are trying to sell your work as a writer, whether you write it yourself, whether you outsource it, it makes no difference. If you have an ugly book cover, what does that say about you as a writer?

Or, if you have a description that reads badly, what does that say about your writing? Nothing good. Make sure you use keywords naturally. On a similar note don’t your description, reflects badly on you as a writer. Keep it punchy and exciting and draw your reader in. here is where you can get the HTML code done on Fiverr I’m guessing you are familiar with that website. there is a screenshot of it there of the book cover template. Just go in and type in Amazon HTML and you got a bunch of people come up. You may have to scroll through before you find one that’s focusing specifically on Amazon HTML but they are on there, $5 for the gig. If you can find a solid book cover creator for $5, you’re doing great. But don’t think that’s all you have to do.

The way to do it is to just type out your book cover text, the way you want it to look on a finished page, and a word document or pages if you are on that. Here is the way to format it; you must use short paragraphs okay. If you have big blocks of text, people won’t read it. Break it off with short paragraphs you’ll get a much better response. You can use Amazon for your book’s title that’s just I think an H2 tag when you do the code.