How to Design a Book Cover Amazon wil Love

Try this: go into Kindle and look around, there are some great looking book covers, which don’t sell books just because they are not designed with marketing in mind. Having a great looking cover is not enough, you want both, you want a good book cover design but you want a good marketing.


They’ve got to work together to maximize your chances to making a sales. Give clear instructions to your book cover designer and make sure they understand you want to follow these principles of designing the book cover. A title that’s highly readable uppercase highly contrasting color for the text and so on. Make sure the design and the marketing work together.

Facebook Test for your Book Cover

Here is something that’s just an extra tip that I wanted to share with you which is doing Facebook ads to test different book cover designs. You can pay hundreds of dollars to get covers designed but you can also get them done very cheaply on Fiverr. What you can do is you can get four or five book covers done for $5 each and then test them. They don’t have to be the finished product and then the winner you can then work up to a fully completed design. Maybe pay a little extra if you need to. I did this and I tested five different book covers around Facebook ads and the way to do it is you, the headline stays the same for each ad.

The copy stays the same for each ad, only the image changes. As you can see on the slide there, the winning design had a click through rate was 279% better than the pretest favorite the one that I would have run with if I hadn’t done the test and that’s huge. It’s almost as three times as many people clicking on the image.

Translate that across to your book once it goes live and that’s huge. This was before the book went live all I did was I hadn’t go to a just to a simple squeeze page. Where if they wanted more information about the book when it came out they could put the name and the email. With pre-selling books, whilst you are testing book covers.


There is two advantages for you there. Obviously I picked that winning design and that led to a lot of extra sales when the book went live. It doesn’t have to take too long I had the ties for a day I spent $50 with hindsight, I could have spent $25 and got the same result. Massive return on my investment for that $50. Step three is a great description.

Combining your Title with your Book Cover

Now you might be seeing a pattern here whereby we are taking three people through a series of steps it’s a conversion process. We’ve got to grab them with a top of the pops, they’ve got to see the book cover.

They’ve got to be excited by the title, they got to understand it’s of interest to them.
You want the top subtitle to draw them an even further and then at this point, by clicking on the thumbnail of the book cover and this is where you get with the description.

How to Write a Killer Desription

You’ve got to write a great description apart from your title and subtitle, this is the most important thing you are going to write as part of your book. It should be like a mini sales letter and you want to use Amazon HTML and I’ll show you how to do that in a second, very easily, very cheaply. Simply because most people don’t, if you use Amazon HTML, you’ll set your book apart from 95% of the competition who just don’t use this and just put plain text on that. Top tip, do not use Author Central towards your description.