Does Design Affect The Bottom Line?

MillArtAs you can imagine, the graphic design industry argues heavily that good design is certainly going to affect the bottom line. The question remains: Can you create a book cover or website that will sell more just based on the design? Graphic designers themselves, however, often don’t care as much as about numbers driven business models and highly structured marketing plans. They’re content to do the best design work possible. Design for design’s sake, so to speak.

Marketers, on the other hand, have a lot to say about the importance of design, not just of a product. They tend to be acutely aware of design and the bottom line because they’ve seen over and over how the design of packaging or brochures or other such marketing materials drives consumer response. They actually do what’s called “market testing” on every item they put out to the public to determine which design gets the response they’re looking for.

The Numbers and Your Book

If your book never sells any copies, it won’t matter what royalties your publisher pays or where your book is potentially available for sale. Getting your book to sell is the benchmark for its success. Don’t assume that if you spend a lot on a publishing package that it will translate into sales. The two are completely disconnected. sees some of the greatest sales success I’ve come across and they don’t charge anything for publishing and distribution. They even offer an affordable option to make your own book cover from a series of book cover templates. I actually recommend them as my top choice for many reasons, not just this one.