Get Publishing!!

This post will cover successful publishing of your book, with a book cover that’s awesome.

Use bold on a book cover sparingly because it helps draw people through we are trained to see bold and bullets like that it’s important. It means people will end up reading more of it. On the back of the book cover, use italics, use bullets, use underlining if you need to and left justify don’t center justify would be my advice.

I just think personally I think a book cover looks more professional that way. If you do all this, excuse me, put it in a document just send a document through to the book cover designer. They will create the code for you to make it look like that and then all you do is upload the book cover file into the upload box when you send your book up to go live, that’s it. If you use a word document and if you can copy and paste you can use Amazon HTML and it will cost you $5, okay.


Also, be sure to get some good prelaunch reviews some place before you launch your book. Now just to avoid any confusion, the way you do this is you, you get your book setup. You’ll need a completely finished book cover design as well as the interior layout of the book finished. You go live but you leave a gap or a window of a few days before going live and promoting it, okay. When you first go live, chances are you are going to make hardly any sales because nobody is going to know the book is there and you’ve done nothing to promote it. What it does mean is that people can go in and leave reviews. Now, here is the thing we are going to cover the free giveaway. Even if you are giving something away for free, there is still a risk attached to it.

The main risk is time. People don’t want to waste time on something that turns out to be no good—by the way, having a great book cover is the start of making this all work. The other risk is what I call the feeling stupid risk, people hate the idea that they are going to buy something and then feel stupid because they bought it.

Even if nobody else knows so there are these risks that people perceive even if the book is free. Social proof is very important so you want to get a few reviews in place, good reviews before you launch a book. If you can get five to 10 good reviews in place, when you do your free giveaway, it’s worth literary several thousand extra downloads to you compared to having no reviews at all.

Very important to do. I’m sure you wouldn’t but don’t put fake reviews it’s a great way of getting yourself fast tracked off Amazon, getting your account banned. You really don’t want to do that. You don’t need to either just ask fans or followers or people in your industry or get into this lots and lots of … and you’ve probably I think you are part of anyway. There are lots of other groups on Facebook that’s actually how I met people through a Kindle off this group. There is lots of people that will help you especially if you reciprocate so you don’t need to get fake stuff done there. Just write a good book, get a professional book cover designer and you’re going to be more than half way there.


Next, you have to get some reviews in place, give people heads up. Now ideally, you can’t send out review copies but ideally what you would do is set the price to 99 cents that’s the lowest Amazon will allow you to price that. Then get people to actually pay for the book before they download it which is a little bit cheeky. What it means is that, it shows up as an Amazon verified purchase you can see in that red box there.

That just gives the review that a little bit of extra credibility and most people are not in a worry about spending 99 cents. Especially like I say if you are going to reciprocate for them. When you choose other people’s books to review, you don’t need to worry about what their cover looks like. Only yours matters.

Make sure people know that if they don’t have a Kindle cover design, they can download the Kindle App for free for any device they have. Unless you say you need about five to 10 reviews.

Obviously more is better but there is a diminishing return so once you’ve got at least five, you are good to go. That was step four; step five is the KDP select free giveaway. Now just in case you don’t know how this works already, Amazon will let you change a book for free for up to five days you don’t have to do five in any 90 day period. Now this is a great thing to do when you first launch, couple of reasons. First of all, if you promote one you get plenty of downloads. First of all that tells Amazon your book cover is worth investing some advertising and within the Amazon site.


It tells them people are interested in your book cover design. Secondly Amazon can cross-reference the only other purchases made by people who downloaded your book. They’ll build that pattern and the algorithm will crunch that data and be able to see where to start advertizing your book. Certainly your book will start showing up on the pages of lots and lots of other books all over Amazon.

That are books which are highly relevant to your market. It means your book is shown in front of a highly targeted group and you get lots and lost of organic sales, resulting from your free giveaway.