The Next Step for Your Book

For the simple reason that when readers get to the end of a great book, they want to know that they can carry on reading in subsequent series or editions. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a great book you’ve really enjoyed and then that’s the end of it. They want to know if there is another book. You do that even if you haven’t written the second book in a series yet because you can … they will still look for your work subsequently. It’s a double whammy, you make more sales on the frontend because it’s more attractive and you get to cross sell your other books you have links at the back of your book and so on. If you’ve got a how-to book, a nonfiction book and again if it’s part of a series make sure you let people know.

 Book Topic

Again great mystery, suspense, intrigue and controversy if you can. Equally applies to fiction and nonfiction, the more you can do that, the more chance you have somebody is going to click on your book. That takes us to step two which is having a cover the pops sort of say called pops of the page, this is really, really important. Because, you remember back to those screenshots that I showed you, there is lots and lots of noise on the page and you are competing it against all of that noise. All of those books in the list, all of the books that Amazon is advertising in the side of the margin, all of that text. You want to bribe both cover that pops off the page and draws the eye.


Getting a One Up on Amazon

What you are trying to do is basically stop people’s attention, draw the eye across to your book where your title can start to work its magic. Here again, we tie the title into the cover of the pops, title must be easy to read, very common mistake I see. Even with some professionally published books particularly with self published books is titles that are very hard to read. Because remember people are seeing this as a thumbnail it’s pretty small. Application is best because of course it’s clearer and it must, must be in a highly contrasting color, very, very important.

They can’t read the title, your chances of them clicking on your thumbnail are significantly, significantly reduced. The subtitle does not have to be uppercase, but it should still be highly readable. Now in a perfect world you’d be able to read the subtitle while it’s a thumbnail. That’s not always possible if you have a longer subtitle but it should be highly readable once they click on the thumbnail and that magnifies the image. When you are doing that by the way, when you are getting your cover done, it’s very important to give very clear instructions to your designer. The reason being, most designers are designers rather than marketers.