Save Hours on Your Book Reviews

It’s worth saying also that I had a few people say to me well, what if I give it away and downloads so I will not have any customers so far. It just doesn’t work like that there is so many buyers on Amazon that you’ll have no trouble selling lots and lots of copies afterwards. Just to give you just to put it into perspective, tasking Kindle as an example, before I did the free giveaway, before I had done the promotion before anybody knew about it, I was only selling two or three copies a day. Immediately afterwards, it jumped up to over 40 copies a day which is about a 15 times increase.

ARTThat was in a niche category, if it’s a big category it will get even bigger jump than that. That you use to set up just promotions manager I’ll show you that in a second. Basically if you haven’t done this already, Amazon has made it as easy as possible to do that. I would recommend normally especially if it’s the first time around you do all five days at once. It just gives you a lot more momentum. What will happen is that day one you’ll get, you maybe get a few hundred downloads or a couple of thousand downloads. What it will do is it will stop pushing your book up the rankings and make it more visible on the free list.


You’ll get even more sales and each day the number sales will grow so you’ll get a lot more momentum if you use all five days. Great idea to have a link to an opting page and a reason for people to opt in. If you want to build a list so you can sell stuff to your list. Even if you are a fiction writer, it’s a good idea to build a list because then when you get your next book in that series. Or if they like your work it doesn’t have to be in a series. You can tell people about it and you can get some … you can get a lot of sales just by pushing that out to your list.

Then if you want to take … have a record of your own success with that, take regular screenshots because Amazon updates those bestseller lists basically on an hourly basis. It changes really rapidly. This is how you do it, you go into KDP Kindle Direct Publishing Account. If you’ve got an Amazon account, you are already set up with KDP anyway. Click the button at the bottom here that says actions they are just highlight. As you click that button, this pop up menu will appear and then you click manage promotions. From there, you’ll get this pop up will appear and usually they are just three boxes to fill in. You put in the name of the book you are promoting.


The start date and the finish date of the promotion and then over here on the right you can see it’s telling me I’ve used up three of my five days for this particular book. That’s it, so just fill in those three things and click save and you are done. You don’t have to worry about changing the price, Amazon will automatically set it to free on day one and send it back to paid at the end of the promotion. You don’t have to do anything at all it’s just literary for those three boxes. That is how to set up the free campaign you run that for five days, and then on day six effectively the first day your book switches back to paid, you run what I call the 99 cent Kindle Book campaign.

Which is incredibly powerful. Now, you are already going to get a big boost in sales from running your free campaign. You get a lot of organic sales through Amazon anyway. Like I said mine for pressure with Kindle went up 15 times assuming this promotion finished. What you want to do here is you want to boost that even more, so that you are getting a whole lot of sales in a very short space of time. The way to do this you need to run as on some of the discount Kindle Book sites.

Finally, you want to set up these at least two weeks in advance, if not three or four if you have the time.