Social Media for Your Book

Book cover design sites are getting more and more popular and they are booking up way ahead of time now a lot of them. You’ll want to think about getting set up in advance.


Traffic with Social Media

These sites are great because they have very high traffic, they have a lot of social media followers. Tens and tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Most of them send out emails and recommendations to their list everyday. By spending anywhere from $10 to about $50 typically, you can get your book advertized in front of lots of people. Now the reason is 99 cents by the way it’s not because we are going to price that book at 99 cents long term that’s not the idea. We are just going to price it like that for one or two days.

Because that makes it into the basic of the ultimate impulse purchase. We want to get a lot of downloads in a very short space of time, to rock it up book up to the top of the bestseller list. Like I said, set it all up in advance so it starts on the first day after your free giveaway. As I said it will massively increase your Amazon ranking and of course as your Amazon ranking goes up you get more organic downloads. It becomes this self perpetuating virtual circle where you get more and more sales. Excuse me another sip of water there. I would recommend that you spend at least $100 for … when I did this a couple of weeks ago for free I had actually spent $98.50. Now within a couple of days I got back several times my return on investment.

What I Learned Promoting Books through Social Media

Having done it once I would probably spend a couple of $100 next time around at least because I know that the return is there. There are lots and lots of sites that do promote discounted Kindle books. What I always do is I check for the ranking. Normally, unless they are doing it for free which is rare now, I would aim for a site that’s ranking in the top 250,000 on Alexa.

Just because that way you know it’s getting a substantial amount of traffic and it’s probably going to be worth you spending a little money to advertize there. Just to recap, you remember I said I got 423 downloads in a single day. Well this is how I did it, I ran this campaign just shortly after the free giveaway. That’s what rocketed it up to number two in all those hyper competitive categories.

Up to 247 on all of Kindle. Knowing what I know now and because I’ll spend a little bit more next time around. I’m pretty confident I can get it up to the top 100 so I’m going to have another crack at that in another couple of week’s time. That is the six steps system for promoting your Kindle books. I’m just going to check we’ve got everybody if you can still hear me. Okay. Part four this is the Kindle publishing opportunity, this is the course I was telling you about that I’m rerunning from a couple of days time. This is if you are not already this is a chance to become a published author, this is a chance to become a bestselling author.